DSH exam

The DSH is a university language exam which certifies the existence of a German language proficiency sufficient for taking up studies in that language. Successfully passing the DSH exam entitles foreign students to study in Germany at certain universities. This exam can be taken only at a German university. However, the language requirements for admission to higher education can vary from institution to institution The dates for the DSH are determined individually by the universities. The DSH exam consists of four papers: – listening comprehension ca. 60 min – text production ca. 70 min – reading comprehension ca. 90 min – oral expression ca. 15 min The DSH-test is passed if at least 57% (in all four sections) of the requirements are met. The result of DSH is shown on three levels (DSH 1 57%-66%, DSH 2 67%-81%, DSH 3 82%-100%), DSH 2 fully applicable as a language certificate for admission and enrollment to all courses. In exceptional cases, DSH 1 is sufficient.

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