What is TestDaF ?

The TestDaF is a language examination at an advanced level. It covers levels B2 to C1 of the six-level scale of competence laid down in the Common European Framework of Reference. Foreign candidates wishing to study at German University can take this exam to prove that their German is at a sufficient level to study. TestDaF consists of four sections that test four different language skills which you will practice extensively in our training course: Understanding written texts Understanding spoken texts Use of written language Use of spoken language The content and the tasks set in the test are relevant to skills needed for University i.e. inference, argument, logical deduction. For each of the four test sections, the participant’s test results are classified to one of the following levels: TestDaF level 5 (TDN 5) TestDaF level 4 (TDN 4) TestDaF level 3 (TDN 3) A test result with at least a TestDaF-level 4 (TDN 4) in all four sections is recognized by all German universities as proof of a sufficient proficiency in German. Should the test results be under this level, then the university may review your admission on a case by case basic or demand that the applicant learn more German and retake the exam before re-applying. The test is held around the world, always on one pre-set date, and only at licensed TestDaF centers. As a rule, you should receive the test results six weeks after you have taken the test.

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